Resin Paving

Safely marking the way for the future


Resin paving is an alternative surface material to tarmac or gravel. It is quite similar to gravel in texture, but doesn’t move as it is resin bound in place. The resin paving we install is made up of a highly light stable resin mix which includes a stone aggregate. We then go on to apply it as a thick and relatively smooth yet gravel like surface. Resin paving can be applied over concrete, bitumen macadam, metal, timber and many other surfaces. It is durable as it can take people walking over it, as well as vehicles moving and parking.

Resin paving installed can be done so in a variety of different colours. This gives you a great looking surface which can therefore bring even the dullest of areas to life. We stock an almost limitless range of bespoke colour blends for resin paving. Consequently this gives you the creative freedom to help incorporate a design element into your footpath or driveway area.

Our choice of textures and colours means we can complement or contrast any adjoining surfaces. This includes grass, block paving, brick, paving slabs, decking, gravel, crazy paving, pattern-imprinted concrete, sand-stone and granite setts.

Overlay of an Existing Surface

This is one way of installing strong and cost effective resin paving. This way is to lay the resin and stone materials over an existing tarmac or concrete driveway, path or patio. The edges of the existing driveway can be excavated and a block edge can be installed. This is so that the resin bound mixture can be trowelled at the correct depth.

Install Onto Grid System

We can install your resin bound driveway, patio or path onto a freshly dug grid system. The use of this grid system is used to reduce the cost of installing a more solid sub-base such as tarmac or concrete. For a better finish, we recommend the overlay of existing surfaces therefore lasting longer.